A travel report

I parttime retunred to Japan on March, 2005.

Mar 17 to 18.

地図は Fland-Ale 日本世界地図 Ver 3.71を使用。
I used map data "Fland-Ale" and arranged it.

 日本への帰国する際、シンガポールを経由するルートもあったのだが、自分は ケープタウン→ヨハネスブルグ(国内線)、ヨハネスブルグ→香港と香港→成田(国際線)を選択。 ただし3回の乗り継ぎと約24時間が必要であったが・・・ スタートのケープタウンでは4:30に起床。早朝6時過ぎの飛行機に乗る為に外へ出ると、 昨日の日中30℃の青空とはうって変わって真っ暗な上に霧が出るほどの気温。少し寒い。 ヨハネスブルグの国内線と国際線はターミナルが違うことを知らずに少し迷う。 そこで、空港職員(清掃要員)と思われる人間に国際線への乗り継ぎ方を尋ねたら、 「謝礼のチップを寄越せ」、と言われた。唖然としたが、ここは南アフリカであることを再確認。 この人が本当に職員であるのか分からないし、そこら辺の警備員だって同様に信用できなくなる。 出国審査が終わった後に免税品店を覗く。残ったお金(南アフリカランド)でお土産を買おうとしたが、 随分と高いものばかり。仕方なく、安くて嵩張らない小物のアクセサリーを選択。 ケニアやナミビアで安くてよい物をもっと買っておくべきだったと少し後悔していた。
I choiced 3 times relay from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Johannesburg to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Narita. I needed about total 24 hours, hard flights. I wake up 4:30 in Cape Town to board the airplane. It was dark, mist and a little bit cold. This summer season had already finished and were changing, I thought. I had no troubles from Cape Town to Johannesburg. But in Johanessburg airport, I asked one stuff where is international port? He told me but required tip... I was struck dumb with amazement. Are you real stuff in this airport? Here was South Africa, I noticed. After passed departure formalitis, I checked goods shops. Though, these items were expensive for me, I had small South Africa money. After a few minutes thinking, I bought cheap and small goods for gifts. I had to buy gifts in Kenya or Namibia, I regreted a little.

Left: I show three pictures in Cape Town. This photo is local rider he came my guesthouse.
Center: A center of Cape Town. There are many buildings not only new ones.
Right: The table mountain from the center city.

Left: I used this type of intermediate range airplane for Johannesburg in Cape Town airport.
Center: I boarded the British Airways, an airline food was English breakfast.
Right: In Johannesburg airport, I looked a prayer room. I felt South Africa is multiracial society. But I think there is no prayer room in Japanes airports...

 搭乗口で並んでいると横に日本人らしき女性がいる。話しかけると香港在住の人とのこと。 予想は外れたがよく考えてみると、中国系の人は南アフリカにもそれなりに在住しているし、 ましてや香港便ならアジア系の顔立ちの人は中国系の人が多いのも当然か。 逆に自分の英語のアクセントから彼女は自分が日本人と分かったと言う。あらまぁ・・・ 10時間近くの退屈なフライト中に話し相手が出来てとても助かった。 彼女は日本語も勉強もしていたので、お互いの英語が通じない場合にひらがなや漢字で書くと 意思疎通が出来て面白かった。なお、彼女の母親も韓国ドラマ(冬のソナタ然り)に嵌っており、 自分の場合と全く同じで可笑しかった。
The boarding time came, I went to boarding gate and met one Asian lady. I thought she was Japanese, I asked her. But she was from Hong Kong. My expectation was not correct. If I thought more deeply, I must have noticed many chinese people were liveing in South Africa more than Japanese. In other hand, she noticed I was Japanese. Because my English accent was typical, she said. (Wha was different???) During 10 hours flight time, we enjoyed talking about each other. Her mother avidly watch Korean TV drama as same as my mother. (Now Korean TV drama run rampant in many Asian countries middle age women.) We laguhed each other mother things!

Left & right: From Johannesburg to Hong Kong, my airplane was Cathay Pacific. So airline foods were changed to the Chinese food type.

Left: A picture with Hong Kong lady in Hong Kong international airport.
Center: In one airport book shop, Japanese lady's fashion magazines were sold. I was supprised. How much effect does lady's fashion information from Japan have?
Right: And there were political or economical magazine, too.

 日本に到着後、上野まで京成線で出た後に ラオウさんchikaさん にお世話になる。それにしても日本の物価は高いなぁ。生ビール1杯で7ドルもするし・・・

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I wrote this report in Hokkaidou, Japan on Jun 24, 2005.